Tom Jordan begins his day with a new Co-Pilot he has never met.

But by the close of the day, he will not only have fallen in love, but he will have to fight for his very survival to live their love another day.

Tom and Alex awake to make the final preparations before their much awaited vacation after Toms quick flight to Paris.

But the challenges that await Tom are a test of his love for Alex, and his willingness to survive in a sea that doesn't give up her dead.

Take a seat in the man car and strap in for a ride into the darkness of the depths of the earth in this new action packed thriller!

You’ll be on the edge of your seats wishing you could get a ride topside, quick! Coming Soon...

An Exciting and Twist-Filled Romance Novel Series

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, and they live happily ever after. While this is the basic formula for a good old romantic tale, the events could eventually become predictable. What if we spice up their story and add shocking twists and turns?

This is what Joe Hoffman is going for. Through his books, he aims to pull his readers’ heartstrings through sentimental and charming moments and characters, as they go through exciting and heart-pounding crises.

Catastrophic Fates, Happy Endings

Joe likes to pepper his stories with drama, romance, and a dose of unpredictable disasters. With this interesting mix of elements, avid readers will surely have a hard time putting his books down once they start flipping through the pages. Being a romantic himself, however, Joe makes sure his characters get a happy ending.

More Books to Come

Two books aren’t enough to encapsulate all the amazing stories Joe has to tell. Stay tuned for news about possible trilogies, as well as more books in the making.

Get Started

Feel free to reach out to Joe for more information about his books. He looks forward to hearing from you!