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Get to Know Romance-Drama Author Joe Hoffman

Early Years

Joe Hoffman was born in Fremont, OH, on April 20, 1950, to Ed and Theresa Hoffman. At age two, the family moved to Helena, OH, where Hoffman grew up. He lived in a Norman Rockwell town of the ‘50s, where life was free and the Pennsylvania Railroad presented a constant treat of massive steam locomotives rumbling down the tracks a few hundred feet from his home.

There were limited cultures in that small Ohio neighborhood. As it is sometimes said, it was a great place to raise your kids.

He began his education at St. Mary's Catholic School in Millersville, OH, where he attended elementary school. He then went to Gibsonburg High School, where he graduated in 1968.

For Hoffman, as it was for so many young men, the Vietnam War was in full swing, and the draft was a harsh reality. Hoffman was drafted before he ever graduated high school. He, as did other men his age, had to put their hopes and dreams on hold, his being that of a Catholic priest and a lawyer.

Prior to being inducted into the U.S. Army, he joined the U.S. Air Force, where he spent, as he would recall, the best four years of his life. It was there that he developed his deep love for airplanes. Living 18 months in California left an indelible mark on his life. He would always miss California, as its organized yet chaotic pace amazed him.

He found time in his duties as a jet engine mechanic to attend College at a University of California, Los Angeles branch in Merced, CA, where he studied law. His commanding officer learned of Hoffman's ambition and quickly appointed him as a charter member of the Air Force Human Relations Council, which dealt with the ever-increasing tension of race and rank discrimination.

The highlight of his time in California was traveling on the weekends to places like Yosemite National Park, Fresno, Modesto, and an occasional trip to San Diego on his motorcycle.

His beloved time in California was brought to an abrupt halt, however, when he was awarded an early promotion to Sergeant. As quick as the celebration was over, Hoffman received orders to Vietnam, to continue his duties as a mechanic. After a bizarre chain of events, Hoffman's job changed, and he was thrust into a daily struggle for survival in the most vivid stage of life: war. He once remarked that his peaceful coexistence turned to that of a combative survivalist overnight.

Following his discharge from the Air Force, he returned to his family home of Helena, OH, where he attended college at Toledo University. It was at this time that he would meet his wife, Marie. They had been together for 28 years. The couple had three children, but divorced in 2006. He is still close with his children.

Hoffman began writing in 2004, under the inspiration of the late author Louis Bromfield, compiling story lines and ideas on his hour-long daily commute to work. As he began putting everything on paper, he gave existence to Jordan's Angel, and Tom Jordan and Alexandra Sanders were born. Although it was a learning experience and a short work, it was published in 2005. It eventually led to a sequel, In Dreams Awake, published in 2008.

He took several years of hiatus as he researched for his next work, The Last Hard Man, and just sorted out some things. In that time, he wrote stories for Trion, a public interest network of writers, and several novellas, that have yet to be published. He then began traveling to coal mining towns to prepare The Last Hard Man, were born Matt and Becky Jensen.

He spent a week in Sago, West Virginia, following the disaster on New Years’ day. He retired from his job in 2008 and worked at some jobs he always wanted to do, without the hassles of office politics.

It was at this time when he met Kathy Maloney, a nurse at a local nursing home. They hit it off like a dove to the air. They are, to this very day, inseparable. Although they presently have separate mailing addresses, Hoffman remarked that it was so refreshing to not only be in love but to know the institution still exists. Sadly, he said, it took me sixty-one years to find it.

Hoffman is currently finishing The Last Hard Man, and then it's back to Tom and Alex for the third in a series of the two airline pilots in “The Drone.” He also is trying to get more involved with the needs of veterans in his community. Although he himself receives a disability pension from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, he knows he is still better off than some.

He is also attempting to reach out to schools and libraries for Meet the Author sessions. It amazes him that in the region of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield, most librarians have no idea who Bromfield is. He is also hopeful of setting up scholarships in local schools so younger people can pursue their talents without the financial restraints placed on them in today’s economy.

Hoffman intends to write and continue getting involved in the community well into his hundreds, or until Kathy says it is time for a cruise. As he says, “I'm living the dream, and I just got warmed up!"

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